NUTEK’S vision is to become the principal private sector player in assisting Turkey to achieve 80% self sufficiency in nuclear technology in 20 years, by bringing together domestic and foreign expertise to form a critical mass which is necessary for that purpose.


President's Message

NUTEK Energy Consulting, Industry and Trade Inc., a young and dynamic company, founded in 2014 to provide consulting services inland and abroad, especially in the field of energy, including nuclear energy and high- tech issues.

NUTEK is an acronym in Turkish meaning National Nuclear Technology. This name was proposed by myself as the founder and welcomed by the other partners, as reflecting the company’s founding concept.

NUTEK Inc., with a team of senior executives and talented experts who have gained experience in national and international organizations, labs and research centers, is the only Turkish company which can carry out extensive and comprehensive studies in nuclear energy.

The company was founded with the desire to become a service provider to public and private sectors where knowledge and know- how gaps in important nuclear energy issues affecting Turkey’s energy future exist. We aspire to be a reliable partner in providing significant services and benefits to Turkish companies wishing to do business in the field of nuclear energy as well as foreign companies interested in Turkish nuclear energy market.

I felt happy and proud at the close similarity of NUTEK’s ideas and vision with the Turkish Government’s strategic program on nuclear energy, as can be observed reading the report at the "News Section” of our web site.

NUTEK Inc. has also the capacity in high- tech areas such as informatics, space technologies and smart cities to be an effective partner in offering expert consultancy services.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Necmi Dayday
Founding President and Chairman of the Board

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