Types of our consulting, education and related services as listed below include preparation of proposals, strategic reports, assessment reports etc. as well as in situ assistance in contract negotiations and recommendations. All our work is carried out with utmost care, due diligence and in accordance with the best international practices, employing the best domestic and international experts..


  • Nuclear safety and security
  • Industry opportunities in nuclear technology
  • Industry inventory and transtioning to nuclear technology
  • Human resources inventory and planning
  • Management of economic and financial resources
  • Administrative, legal and regulatory issues in nuclear matters
  • Development of Turkish nuclear standards
  • Management of public diplomacy, public relations
  • Perspective of nuclear diplomacy
  • Space, informatics, software and smart cities


  • Environmental impact assessment reports
  • Manufacturing of components for nuclear power stations
  • Certificates and certification process in nuclear technologies
  • Compliance with the nuclear standards of the country of original manufacure or with other international satndards
  • Radiation hazards, working in hazardous environments
  • Risc analysis
  • Non-destructive inspection methods and applications
  • Recruiting, selection and training of students and other personnel going for formal education in national and international universities

In addition:

  • Preparation of concise and informative briefing reports and speech texts for high level political levels
  • Provision of experts in project negotiations, to accompany a company’s negotiating team within or outside of the country
  • Organization of high level scientific and technical meetings
  • To represent well known and leading international companies in Turkey