About Us

NUTEK was established to bring together the expertise needed to assist Turkey in utilizing nuclear technology in the fulfilment of the country’s energy needs. In this regard, NUTEK offers consulting, engineering, training, project management and assessment services to both the public and the private sector, employing national and international high level expert staff as needed.

NUTEK core team is comprised of experts in their respective fields, in particular nuclear technology, with graduate degrees from international universities, and with vast experience in well- known national and international organizations.

NUTEK offers its services with expert staff and a well- informed consideration of Turkey’s international commitments, international treaties and agreements in energy, in particular nuclear energy, energy law and regulations, public health regarding radiation hazards and protection, nuclear safety, security, nuclear waste management and concern for environment.

In addition to energy matters, NUTEK also offers similar consulting services in the expertise area of its core team which includes space technologies, information technologies, in particular smart cities and software development.