Mission and Vision

In order to supply the energy requirements of its developing industrial base and public infrastructure, Turkey has declared the intention and has been in the process of planning, to secure a major part of its increasing energy needs from nuclear energy. To progress satisfactorily in this endeavor, both the public and the private sectors are in need of expert consulting, training and engineering services. NUTEK’s mission is to help fulfill that need.

NUTEK’S vision is to become the principle private sector player in assisting Turkey to achieve 80% self- sufficiency in nuclear technology in 20 years, by bringing together domestic and foreign expertise to form a critical mass which is necessary for that purpose.

As one of the leading technology consulting companies in Turkey, NUTEK envisions providing expert services in assisting and supporting national industry in the transfer of technology and know-how in its areas of expertise. In addition, NUTEK will be happy and proud to offer such services in the realization of large national nuclear projects.

To that end, NUTEK is open to all types of cooperation and collaboration with foreign and domestic companies and institutions, in order to strengthen its capability in a win-win situation. It is also foreseen that such cooperation may be extended to other countries in the region.