Areas of Activity

The primary activity areas of NUTEK are:

1. Consulting, engineering, education, inspection, project assessment and project management, in nuclear technology, and energy matters in general, including law and litigation, commercial and industrial services in the production, sale, import and export of systems, subsystems, components, measurement devices etc. in the energy sector, including representation and distribution of foreign products.

2. Commercial and industrial services in representation, sale, import and export of satellite systems, subsystems, components and associated ground equipment, for purposes of science, observation, navigation, communication and space tourism.

3. Consulting, engineering, project management, system evaluation and installation in information technologies including data management, data storage, software development, software assessment and smart city applications.

4. Organizing national and international technical meetings in technological and scientific areas.

Our Service Types:

Types of our consulting, education and related services in areas as listed below, include preparation of proposals, strategic reports, assessment reports etc. as well as in situ assistance in contract negotiations and recommendations. All our work is carried out with utmost care, due diligence and in accordance with the best international practices, employing well qualified domestic and international experts.

Consulting and Information Services:

  • Program design for technology transfer and know-how localization
  • Provision of information leading to preparation of feasibility reports
  • Reports on regulations, licensing, and compliance
  • Energy law
  • Education and development of human resources
  • Design compliance and quality assurance
  • Development of policy, program and methods
  • Safety and security
  • Radiation health hazards and protection
  • Nuclear fuel transport
  • Nuclear waste management
  • Economics and finance
  • Public diplomacy (PR)
  • Energy savings
  • Preparation of technical documents for tenders
  • Preparation of technical bidding documents

Management Support:

  • Strategic planning
  • Site Selection
  • Organization and management, supply of qualified personnel
  • Scientific and technical supervision
  • Technical management support
  • Assessment of facility development
  • Development of performance evaluation system

Legal Support:

  • Support in preparation of national laws and regulations
  • International legal support
  • Environmental impact assessment reports
  • Certification services and compliance control
  • Development of Turkish National Nuclear Standards
  • Accreditation application and preparation

Engineering Support:

  • Preparation of information reports for provision, study and feasibility, including new generation of nuclear reactors
  • Support for domestic industry and supply chain development
  • Acquisition of materials and equipment
  • Management of fresh fuel, spent fuel and nuclear waste
  • Systems analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Design of special purpose machinery
  • Independent security and safety analysis
  • Independent design evaluation
  • Power upgrade and life extension of facilities

Education and Human Resources:

  • Training in energy technology, management and economy
  • Training in energy law
  • Curriculum development and preparation of technology education programs for vocational schools and technical colleges
  • Curriculum preparation of in-house training on specific topics
  • Preparation of public awareness programs, development of public communication and relations strategy
  • Organization of technical meetings
  • Technical and scientific support for executives and managers in business negotiations and contract preparation
  • Scientific and technical translation
  • Preparation of technical education materials, class notes, tests etc.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control:

  • Design and Licensing (QA/QC)
  • Design review, inspection of construction (as built)
  • Auditing seller and buyer
  • In-house audits


  • Maintenance and repairs planning
  • Preparation and development of performance and reliability programs
  • Preparation and development of back up and spares programs

Emergency Readiness:

  • Preparation and development of emergency and contingency programs
  • Preparation and development of methods and procedures
  • Preparation and development of drill programs

Project Development and Support for Investors:

  • Evaluation of the economic feasibility and ROI of the project
  • Energy cost and demand forecast
  • Determination of capital and credit requirements
  • Preparation of reports required by the credit granting sources
  • Risk assessment of technologies, especially in energy technologies
  • Preparation of draft contracts incorporating a win-win situation for all stakeholders